Friday, March 30, 2007

Hats for the Homeless

I posted these directions earlier (in December), but now I have some pictures of the hats.

Each year my daughter and I knit hats for homeless people and donate them to various shelters, soup kitchens, and sometimes just hand them out on the streets of NYC where my daughter goes to school. It started out as a way to use up leftover yarn and now we actually purchase yarn for the project. We did get a rather large donation from WEBS which is a great yarn store in Northampton, MA ( pattern is very easy. We use size 10 or 10.5 16" circular knitting needles (double pointed needles would also work). It takes approximately 150 yards of worsted weight yarn to make one hat. Cast on 84 stiches. Place marker at the beginning of the round and you join in a circle and knit one, purl one around until the hat measures 10 ". Then begin the decrease rows. Decrease row one: * knit/purl for 5 stitches and then decrease one stitch (I like the slip as if to knit, knit one and passover method)* Continue from * to * around to the row marker. Next row: knit the knit stiches and purl the purl stitches. Decrease row two: "knit/purl for 4 stitches and then decrease one stitch*. Continue from * to * around to the row marker. Next row: knit the knit stiches and purl the purl stitches. Continue to decrease every other row with one fewer stitches between decreases and then knit/purl one row even until there are 12 stitches on the needles. (You'll probably have to switch to double pointed needles when there are about 48 stiches left.) Then cut a long tail. Thread through a tapestry needle and run it through all 12 stitches. pull tight and weave in the ends.It's a great project and there are a lot of cold heads out there. It takes me about 5-6 hours to make one hat, so I can't do too many in one season. So, if you want to help...start knitting.

best and worst yarn

Okay, this is for the SP10 contest. I definitely have two favorite yarns. Koigu Painter's Pallet yarn and Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I've made several scarves out of the Koigu as well as the only pair of socks I've every made. It's wool, but soft and the colors are incredible. I made two baby sweaters for my grandchildren out of the Baby Cashmerino. Both yarns are on the pricey side, so I don't knit too much with them...but I love them. Here are some of the scarves I've made from Koigu.

The worst yarn? Anything that is 100% acrylic and very stiff. In my youth, I knitted a couple of afghans out of acrylic yarn. I stil have the afghans, but they stay in the closet because they are very stiff and not comfortable.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

birthday knitting

I just finished a sweater for my granddaughter, Lilly. She lives in Germany with her parents and we don't get to see her much. I knitted her this sweater for her birthday. I waited until they came to visit this week to give it to her. It's fun to be able to see her wearing the sweater. She's so cute. The sweater is made out of Plymouth Jelly Beenz yarn. I usually don't like to knit too much with acrylic yarn, but this has some acrylic in it making it easy to wash and dry which is good for baby stuff.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Billy's Birthday

We went to Virginia where our grandson lives (with his parents) to help celebrate his 2nd birthday. He is such a cute kid. He and his parents will be moving to Texas in a couple of months when his dad (or son) gets finished with border patrol school. So far away.